Farewell to our Beloved Friend and Companion Thorbear

To describe the perfect companion may take significant effort and countless words, but for those who had the privilege of meeting this guy the perfect companion is easy to describe with just his name Thor or more affectionately known as Thorbear. 


At a little over a year old and in need of a home we adopted Bear, who became Thor and for those close to him became Thorbear.  Strong, Protective and as gentle as a Teddy Bear. 


He brought us tremendous joy and happiness with unconditional love. His good nature and love for people was rewarded with morning and evening walks and full house privileges.  His bed was wherever he decided which was usually right next to me with his head laying across me.  While he loved everyone he was truly a daddy’s boy.   

Large and powerful he was quite intimidating.  On our daily and evening walks people initially would cross the street to avoid an encounter, but over time they would recognize his kind nature and build confidence to meet him.  Thor’s passionate love for people quickly changed people’s impression from fear to excitement and people who once crossed the street to avoid him would soon cross the street to embrace him.  Thor developed quite the fan club and made a difference for people with each visit.

Thor’s favorite thing in life was meeting people.  So when I discovered the lumps in his throat and the test results came back positive for Lymphoma Cancer there was no question how we would spend our final months together.  While taking great care of him and doing my best to keep his immune system up and quality of life at its best we visited people parks and dog parks passing out the tokens with his photos which promotes fostering and adoption.  

 Thor gave us a great life and even though our time together was cut short he clearly demonstrated how to love and to live the best life.  We will be fostering and adopting another dog soon… not to replace Thor, but to acknowledge the best way to recognize the love Thorbear gave us is by providing a loving home to another dog who needs one. 


If you want to experience the best life has to offer and do something greater than yourself, adopt a dog who needs a home.  They’re available in all sizes and the unconditional love they provide is beyond measure and well worth any short term challenges they may present from time to time. 



Thor is succeeded by his adopted brother Chase, his Mother Carla, Father John and his Sissy Cassidy.  All dogs go to heaven so we can rest assured knowing Thor’s pain is over and he’s making the best place an even better place.