Meet Chase C9's Blue Nose Pit

Late night Friday March 2nd, 2018 we came across this guy on the corner of Chase Ave & Chase Lane, not too far from our production facility. We joined a small group who was trying to bring him to safety from the busy streets. He was a bit aloof and wasn't interested in human assistance. Eventually everyone gave up on the mission, but for the next couple hours we persisted until we were able to get him in the car and then home to safety. He was about 20% underweight and in need of nourishment. After providing him some much needed water, food and rest we took him to the local "No Kill" shelter so his owner could find him.

We followed up with the shelter daily, checking to see if his owner claimed him. Apparently his owner wasn't interested in finding him. On the day he became available for adoption we went and visited him. We learned that he wasn't doing well and developed a wrap sheet that had him scheduled to be euthanized earlier that morning. "No Kill" doesn't mean No Kill (lesson learned). Fortunately one of the staff members convinced her manager to give him some time with her and that morning he was spared.

He shows signs of abuse and it takes him a while to build trust. We could see there was a lot more to this pup than his bad report and his life shouldn't be measured by his reaction to prior mistreatment. We committed to being the shelter's last call. Over the next week we visited him every other day, hoping someone would adopt him between visits. The nice young lady at the shelter that stepped up the first time made it very clear she wasn't going to be able to keep him from being put down the next time. We already have a Rottweiler at home and there are a million reasons why we couldn't take him. With all the reasons why we couldn't take him we decided on the one reason we should. Chase needed a chance at a forever home and we have the ability to figure it out.


Chase now runs security for us even though from time to time we find him sleeping on the job. He also provides emotional support whether you need it or not.


He's even doing well with his big brother Thor which we provided a forever home to a few years ago.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Chase. Feel free to check in on his progress. Always take time to help a lost dog even if they don't understand you are trying to help them. There are lots of great dogs of all breeds in need of a forever home. Don't Shop Adopt.