New Product! CALIBER 9 Gen 2 Ford Raptor Grille Kit

CALIBER 9 introduces a new grille kit for the Gen 2 FORD RAPTOR which offers OEM fit & finish with aggressive styling and hi-output LED lighting.

C9 Ford Raptor LED Grille Kit Gen 2

The grille plays authentically to the design language of the Gen 2 Ford Raptor and matches various cues with such precision the replacement could pass as a factory option.

Staying true to the CALIBER 9 brand the grille kit offers aggressive styling with the function of high output LED lighting. The grille kit features the Baja Designs 20" OnX6+ which puts out an impressive 24,920 Lumens. The new release is now available and as the days get shorter there will be more and

more appeal for the impressive performance from the Baja Designs LED. When company founder John Grooms was asked why CALIBER 9 offers the Baja Designs brand when a myriad of cheaper alternatives are available. Mr. Grooms stated "When you build a quality product for a discriminating client you look for the best product and company to partner with. Baja Designs has never let us down and the product performance is bar none."

The good looks of the grille kit isn't just skin deep. The grille kit is mounted to a robust 12 GA 304 Stainless Steel frame with brackets and mounts TIG welded to create a product that is ready for serious abuse.

OEM Fit w/ Agressive Styling


The grille features satin black surround with embossed gloss black stainless steel mesh. Should a customer want to add color match paint, the substrate is an superb surface and takes paint exceptionally well.

Unique Design w/ Hi-Output LED Lighting

John Grooms also noted "while the Gen 2 Ford Raptor is an exclusive vehicle their existence is becoming somewhat commonplace. We are finding customers like the further exclusivity the grille provides and even more so from the high-end buyers who prefer the logo delete. Product acceptance has been very strong and we are excited customers are embracing the unique look our product provides."

Includes Location for Camera Housing and Hardware

It will be exciting to see how Raptor owners integrate the new grille kit into their build. Learn more about the product by following this link: