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Why do we incorporate Baja Designs into our products. Simply put, because Baja Designs is the best!

The latest from Baja Designs means huge output gains and a technology that keeps your vehicles electrical system safe. Battery Management Technology (BMT) is a game-changing feature designed to keep your lights running at your vehicles maximum potential. This technology allows the LEDs and circuit boards to run harder without risk of failure or damage. When the host vehicle's voltage drops below 13.5V, the light will gradually dim until voltage is stabilized. BMT eliminates flickering under low voltage and protects your vehicles wiring and electrical system from dangerous current spikes.

Tremendous output gains for XL Sport, Squadron Sport, S8 and OnX6


Increased from 2,260 Lumens and now 3,150 Lumens

Increased from 20 Watts to 26 Watts

Increased from 1.4 Amps to 2.0 Amps

S8 - Series per 10" Section

Increased from 4,520 Lumens and now 6,350 Lumens

Increased from 45 Watts to 60 Watts

Increased from 3.2 Amps to 4.0 Amps

OnX6+ per 10" Section

Increased from 7,350 Lumens to 12,450 Lumens

Increased from 58.5 Watts to 108 Watts

Increased from 4.2 Amps to 8.4 Amps

CALIBER 9 now includes the updated technology and performance gains with our products.

LED Lights, LED Lighting, Offroad LED, LED Grille, LED Grill

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