West Coast Choppers - Jesse James Raptor Build

When Jesse James set out to hook up his Gen 2 Ford Raptor he had an end goal at the forefront of his game plan.  An overall factory look with enhancements that as you get closer the more details become apparent. 

The stance of the truck is aggressive, but not over done.  Jesse has a trophy truck with insane suspension so a little more subtle is appropriate on the daily.  

Jesse was not a fan of the HUGE Ford logo across the front of the truck and also likes a more aggressive look. This is where the CALIBER 9 Grille Kit featuring Baja Designs 20" OnX6 (24,920 lumens) fit the bill.  The grille matches the factory lines and the 20" OnX6 turns night into day.  The front end also includes ADD Bumper with a custom blue anodized skid plate which matches the blue king shocks color perfectly. Jesse's team machined the skid plate and housings in house which plays into the one of a kind custom touches West Coast is known for.  

The over sized Forged Brembo Brakes makes hard braking as much fun as hard acceleration.  Venom wheels wrapped in General rubber connects the suspension and power to the surface. 

Another touch of custom fab are the blue anodized light guards integrated into the ADD rear bumper.  This photo also show's Jesse's custom work on the exhaust. Some serious labor of love on the plumbing. Turbos are flowing through SPD flanges and down pipes with cats. They stepped down the exhaust size towards the rear of the truck to increase back pressure which made a huge difference in throttle response. They also stuffed the pipes way up and machined some cool stainless tips. Now this thing rips with much improved sound.   

One of the coolest adds is the ConditionZero rifle mount behind the seat.  Got to love Texas! 

 In the bed of the truck BuiltRight bed rack system for auxiliary fuel and accessories like the SafetyCraft fire extinguisher.